Baby Care Application

LSR Silicone Material Is The Best Injection Options

The LSR injection molding process combined with the inherent properties of LSRs are used in a wide range of products, and especially favorable for mother and child care products. The following are examples of some of the custom solutions we’ve offered our customers in the mother and child care industry:

· Bottle teats (nipples)

· Seals

· Teethers

· Pacifiers/Soothers

· Nipple protectors

· Breast pump accessories

· Sippy cup spouts

Our LSR injection molding process is clean, highly automated and provides precision shot-to-shot consistency, process stability, and minimal to no human interference. With our advanced technology, automated manufacturing, and high capacity molds, SIMTEC is ideally suited for high-volume, hygienic production requirements.

baby care teether silicone rubber material

Why Choose LSR Material for Baby Products

Part of the reason LSR materials are so widely used is that they have a variety of benefits applicable to many products. The unique chemical structure of LSR offers an array of characteristics that help prevent bottles from harboring bacteria, nipple protectors from irritating the skin and pacifiers from deforming in the dishwasher, among other useful qualities:

· Biocompatible: LSR is compatible with the body and an ideal choice for parts with prolonged human contact.

· Hypoallergenic: LSR is also hypoallergenic, it will not cause skin irritation. Many products in the life sciences industry, particularly mother and child care products see extensive human contact.

· Hygienic: Many mother and child care parts do not necessarily require production in an environmentally-controlled or a clean room environment, however a clean, highly-automated manufacturing process with minimal human touch is important and contributes positively to the overall hygiene of the part.

· Tasteless and odorless: Using tasteless and odorless materials is essential when designing parts such as bottle teats and sippy cups. A bad smell or taste can easily prevent a baby from accepting the food or medicine fed.

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