RTV2 Silicone Material For Textile Coating EEZZ


Textile coating silicone rubber is designed to securely adhere to textile surfaces and finds widespread applications in textile printing for clothing, socks, hats, gloves, and more. This silicone rubber is based on a platinum cure formulation, ensuring it is FDA food-grade, non-toxic, and odorless. It can be used without additives, making it suitable for both manual and mechanized processes.

The Vinisili RTV2 EEZZ Series is a transparent, high-strength, and high-performance two-component silicone rubber for coatings. When its two components are mixed, it achieves a moderate viscosity. It can be vacuum-degassed and stored at room temperature for extended periods, and the cured material does not exhibit shrinkage. This silicone rubber is ideal for various processes in the garment industry, including silk screen printing, dispensing, and coating. It can be used for making trademarks, various prints, and coated webbing, and it adheres securely to a wide range of fabrics.



Silicone rubber for fabric coating is widely used in various textile-related industries, including:

  • Garment factories
  • Garment accessories factories
  • Printing and embossing factories
  • Hat factories
  • Shoe factories
  • Sock factories
  • Bag and handbag factories
  • Craft and gift factories
  • Embroidery factories
  • Label and ribbon factories


  • High transparency: The silicone rubber offers a clear and transparent finish.
  • Moderate viscosity: It has a suitable viscosity that prevents excessive penetration into textiles.
  • Strong bonding to the fabric: This silicone rubber forms a secure bond with various fabrics.
  • Low linear shrinkage: The material exhibits minimal linear shrinkage after curing.
  • 100% curing: It fully cures without producing any curing by-products.
  • Operating temperature: It can withstand temperatures ranging from -50°C to +200°C.


  • Environmental protection/non-toxicity: Certified as FDA food-grade silicone, it is environmentally friendly and safe for various applications.
  • Suitable viscosity: The silicone rubber’s viscosity is optimized to prevent excessive penetration into textiles, ensuring the right amount adheres to the surface.
  • Can set color: It allows for multi-layer color printing without color fading or pattern distortion, enabling various patterns and designs.
  • Various effects can be printed: Different effects, such as matte or glossy, rounded or angular, thick or thin, large or small patterns, can be printed. It offers a strong three-dimensional effect with a soft feel and excellent adhesion.
  • High wear resistance, brightness, and washability: The printed patterns are highly durable and maintain their brightness even after washing.
  • Can adhere to various materials: This silicone rubber adheres securely to textiles, non-woven fabrics, leather, imitation leather, and other materials.
  • Effective wool pressing effect: It effectively enhances the appearance and texture of wool.
  • Solves leather and waterproof fabric firmness: It provides a solution for enhancing the firmness of leather and waterproof fabrics.
  • Versatile applications: It can be used for printing on gloves, clothing, paper, sports goods, and more. It offers cold and heat resistance, slip resistance, and a strong three-dimensional feel.
  • Super elasticity: The silicone maintains its adherence and doesn’t fall off or crack within the normal range of fabric elasticity.
  • Good air permeability: It allows hot air to escape from the inside while preventing external water, oil, and pollutants from entering.

This silicone rubber is a versatile and valuable material for various textile and garment applications, offering high-quality prints and coatings with durability and aesthetics.

Reference Standards Property Unit Value
General Properties at  25±2℃
Visual Appearance (A) / Transparent
Appearance (B) / Transparent
ASTM D1084 mixed viscosity mPa.s 70000±10000
Operation Properties
T10/120℃x5min 30-50s / /
T90/120℃x5min 50-90s / /
Properties After Curing
ASTM D2240 Hardness Shore A 40±2
ASTM D412 Tensile Strength MPa ≥4.0
ASTM D412 Elongation at break % ≥300
ASTM D624 Tear Strength KN/m ≥15
1. The mixing rate(by weight):A:B=1:1;
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