RTV2 Silicone for Gypsum Plaster Molding SNZZ


Gypsum molding silicone is a highly flexible material specifically designed for creating molds to cast delicate gypsum products. The choice of silicone hardness is crucial in this application, as overly hard silicone molds can cause damage to the fragile gypsum products during the demolding process. Given that plaster moldings are often characterized by intricate details and substantial sizes, the silicone mold must also be sturdy enough to withstand the stresses associated with demolding.

The Vinisili RTV2 SNZZ series is a two-component condensation-type RTV2 mold-making silicone rubber. This silicone exhibits excellent fluidity and low shrinkage rates. It has received both ROHS and REACH certifications, making it suitable for various mold-making applications, including casting filling processes, creating candles, crafting resin works, and more.



This flexible molding silicone is ideal for a wide range of applications. It is not only suitable for molding various gypsum decorations and plaster moldings but also for molding:

  • Art crafts
  • Furniture
  • Architectural elements
  • Garden ornaments
  • Shoes
  • Tires
  • Soap
  • Candles
  • Vacuum bagging
  • Wind turbine blades
  • Ship and boat hulls
  • Aircraft hulls
  • FRP (Fiber-Reinforced Plastic) pipes/profiles
  • Beacon lighthouse covers
  • Military equipment
  • Aviation components
  • And more

Furthermore, this silicone is compatible with a variety of materials, not limited to gypsum and plaster. It can also be effectively used with resins, polyurethane (PU), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyester, wax, and more. This versatility ensures that it can serve as a go-to choice for many mold-making needs.

Round Up

In summary, gypsum molding silicone is a flexible and reliable material for creating molds for gypsum and plaster products, as well as a wide array of other applications. Its ability to capture intricate details, resist damage during demolding, and work with various materials makes it a valuable tool for artisans and manufacturers alike.

Part No. COLOR Hardness /shoreA Viscosity/mpa.s Mix ratio Operation time /min,25℃ Curing time/25℃ Tear Strength /KN/m Tensile Strength /Mpa Elongation break/%
VNSL-RTV2-SNZZ-20 WHITE 20±2 20000±2000 100:02:00 20-40 4-8h/25℃ 20±2 ≥3.5 ≥400
VNSL-RTV2-SNZZ-25 WHITE 25±2 25000±2000 100:02:00 20-40 4-8h/25℃ 23±2 ≥3.5 ≥400
VNSL-RTV2-SNZZ-30 WHITE 30±2 28000±2000 100:02:00 20-40 4-8h/25℃ 23±2 ≥3.5 ≥400
Note: The above data operation time and curing time can be adjusted according to customer requirements. Items that require multiple potting and bonding require special adjustments.

Features and Benefits
• Excellent mobility
• Excellent tear strength
• Low shrinkage
• Excellent high temperature resistance 200-220℃
• The product is environmentally friendly, certified by ROHS and REACH
• More times of mold turning
• Does not oily leak

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