RTV2 Platinum Silicone for Electronics And Breast EZZZ


Heat dissipation silica gel is a highly efficient heat-conducting material characterized by low thermal resistance, high thermal conductivity, and exceptional flexibility. Its high flexibility enables it to conform to the micro-uneven surfaces of components, reducing the pressure required for optimal contact and, in turn, improving heat conduction efficiency. This material is particularly well-suited for applications where space is limited and efficient heat dissipation is crucial.

The Vinisili RTV2 EZZZ series is a highly transparent two-component addition silicone gel. When its two components are mixed, it achieves an extremely low viscosity. It does not require vacuum degassing as it can be self-degassed or degassed using appropriate equipment. This silicone gel can be cured at room temperature or through heating, and it maintains its original dimensions during curing.



Thermal conductive silicone is widely used in various applications, including:

  1. Motor controllers: Used for heat dissipation in motor control units.
  2. Power supplies: Helps dissipate heat efficiently in power supply units.
  3. Computer components: Used to improve heat dissipation in computers.
  4. Automotive electronics: Essential for heat management in automotive electronic systems.
  5. Chip cooling: Often employed for military applications, it enhances heat transfer in electronic devices and mechanical structures.

Additional applications include:

  • Breast pads and stickers: Used as padding for women’s underwear.
  • Precise electronic components: Potting protection for module power supplies and circuit boards with high transparency and recovery requirements.
  • Potting of liquid tank filters: Provides sealing and waterproofing for instrumentation.
  • Silicone puffs: Used in cosmetic applications.


  • Very high transparency: The silicone gel remains transparent after curing.
  • Very low viscosity: Its low viscosity allows it to flow easily into tight spaces.
  • Low linear shrinkage: The material experiences minimal linear shrinkage after curing.
  • 100% solids, no curing by-products: It cures without producing any by-products.
  • Operating temperature: It can withstand a wide temperature range from -50°C to +200°C.
  • Platinum vulcanization: This method of curing is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
  • Fast rebound: It quickly recovers its shape and properties, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Heat dissipation silica gel is an invaluable material for applications where effective heat dissipation is critical to the performance and longevity of electronic components and systems. Its excellent thermal conductivity and flexibility make it a top choice for such applications.

Part No. Color Mix ratio Operation time
Curing time Penetration(1/10mm) Viscosity
VNSL-RTV2-EZZZ-10 Transparent 1:01 30-50(Adjustable) 4-6h(25℃)/20-30min(80℃) 160-180 1000cps
VNSL-RTV2-EZZZ-20 Transparent 1:01 30-50(Adjustable) 4-6h(25℃)/20-30min(80℃) 200-220 1000cps
VNSL-RTV2-EZZZ-30 Transparent 1:01 30-50(Adjustable) 4-6h(25℃)/20-30min(80℃) 300-320 1000cps
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