RTV2 Liquid Foaming Silicone Material EFTZ


Vinisilie RTV2 EFTZ series is a two-component liquid foaming silicone rubber designed for medium and low-temperature vulcanization. When its two components are mixed, the resulting mixture has a moderate viscosity, ensuring a short curing time. Importantly, this silicone emits no pollutants during the curing process, making it an eco-friendly choice. It is suitable for a range of molding and calendering applications.


This foaming silicone rubber finds uses in various applications, including:

  1. New Energy Vehicles: The foamed silicone sheet prepared using the calendering foaming process is employed in new energy vehicles for shock absorption and sealing purposes.
  2. Cosmetic Applications: Silicone chest pads, shoulder pads, non-slip pads, and foam silicone dolls can be made from this material, contributing to comfort and functionality in the cosmetic industry.
  3. Sealing Solutions: Foamed silicone sealing strips, sealing rings, and other sealing components benefit from the attributes of this silicone rubber.


Vinisilie RTV2 EFTZ series silicone rubber offers several valuable features, including:

  • Uniform Foaming: It creates delicate and evenly foamed pores in the final product, enhancing its performance.
  • Tear Strength: Excellent tear strength ensures the durability of the resulting foamed products.
  • Low Water Absorption: Low water absorption characteristics make it resistant to moisture-related degradation.
  • Operating Temperature: The silicone rubber maintains its properties in a wide temperature range, from -50°C to 200°C.
  • Eco-Friendly: Utilizing platinum vulcanization, it is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
  • Closed-Cell Foam: This silicone provides closed-cell foam, with good rebound properties and minimal compression set. It maintains its original shape, even after repeated compression and relaxation.


This silicone can be processed manually or using machines, depending on your specific application:

  • Manual Operation: Weigh the two components A and B accurately according to the recommended mass or volume ratio of 1:1. Mix them evenly by hand or machine, and then pour the mixture into the mold. Apply heat to facilitate foaming and curing.
  • Machine Operation: When using a two-component filling machine, load the A and B components into their respective cylinders. Adjust the machine parameters to ensure that the components are discharged in a 1:1 volume ratio. Start the machine, and the mixing head will combine and stir components A and B. Inject the mixture into the calendering foam silicone line and move it through a drying tunnel at 60-80°C for foaming.


As this product uses a platinum vulcanization system, it’s essential to avoid substances that can hinder or affect the curing process. These substances include heavy metal ions such as tin, lead, and mercury, as well as organotin compounds, silicone adhesives containing organotin, and various organic compounds. Proper storage conditions and precautions ensure the quality and effectiveness of the silicone rubber.

Packaging Specifications:

The product is available in different packaging options, including 20kg drums, 40kg pairs, 200kg drums, and 400kg pairs, catering to varying production needs.


Store the silicone rubber in a sealed container below 25°C. The components A and B have a shelf life of twelve months from the manufacturing date. Proper storage conditions help maintain the quality of the silicone rubber over time.

Part No. Color Hardness
Mixing Ratio Operating Time
(min, 25℃)
Foaming Time
(min, 60-80℃)
Retardant Flame Grade Viscosity
VNSL-RTV2-EFTZ Transparent 20-40 0.2-0.3 1:01 5-20 (Adjustable) 15-30 Not flame retardant 2w-5w
VNSL-RTV2-EFTO Transparent 20-40 0.3-0.4 1:01 5-20 (Adjustable) 15-30 Not flame retardant 2w-5w
VNSL-RTV2-EFFZ Transparent 20-40 0.4-0.5 1:01 5-20 (Adjustable) 15-30 Not flame retardant 2w-5w
VNSL-RTV2-EFTZ-ZR Grey 20-40 0.2-0.3 1:01 5-20 (Adjustable) 15-30 FV-0 2w-5w
VNSL-RTV2-EFTO-ZR Grey 20-40 0.3-0.4 1:01 5-20 (Adjustable) 15-30 FV-0 2w-5w
VNSL-RTV2-EFFZ-ZR Grey 20-40 0.4-0.5 1:01 5-20 (Adjustable) 15-30 FV-0 2w-5w
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