Liquid Silicone Rubber Material ESZZ

Product Details:

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name: Vinisili
  • Part Number: VNSL-LSRM-ESZZ
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Kilogram/Kilograms
  • Lead Time:
    • For Quantities between 1 and 10,000 Kilograms: 5 days (Negotiable)
    • For Quantities over 10,000 Kilograms: Please contact us for lead time details
  • Shipping Support: Sea shipment; Air shipment
  • Payment Options: This supplier accepts L/C (Letter of Credit) and T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) payments
  • Packaging: 20KG/200KG Bucket + Pallet

For any additional information or inquiries regarding lead times for orders exceeding 10,000 kilograms, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are committed to offering high-quality products and accommodating your specific requirements.


Product Name: Liquid Silicone Rubber Material ESZZ

Product Description:

The Liquid Silicone Rubber is a two-component, low-temperature vulcanized liquid silicone rubber suitable for injection molding. It is specifically designed for molding at temperatures ranging from 80-100°C. This product series offers outstanding performance in terms of high and low-temperature resistance, weather resistance, and aging resistance. It is ideally processed using injection molding technology and can be employed for the manufacturing of various industrial miscellaneous parts and components.

Key Specifications:

  • Application: Various industrial miscellaneous parts and other industries
  • Appearance: Transparent Liquid
  • Product Name: Liquid Silicone Rubber
  • Hardness Shore A: 20 – 70
  • Features: High tensile strength, weather resistance, aging resistance, rapid prototyping
  • Shelf Life: 12 Months
  • HS Code: 3910000000
  • Viscosity: Favorable

Product Features:

  • High tensile strength
  • Weather resistance
  • Aging resistance
  • Rapid prototyping

Product Presentation:

Our commitment to product quality and regulatory compliance is unwavering. The Liquid Silicone Rubber adheres to RoHS instructions, ensuring the absence of prohibited substances. Furthermore, we annually update relevant third-party certification reports, including ROHS, REACH, and FDA.

Travel Release Of Liability:

While we provide information in good faith and believe it to be accurate, it is essential to recognize that the conditions and methods of product usage are beyond our control. Therefore, this information should not serve as a substitute for conducting your own tests to ensure the product’s safety, efficacy, and suitability for its intended use. Our usage suggestions should not be misconstrued as inducements to infringe on any patents.

Vinisili’s Sole Warranty:

Our sole warranty assures that our products will meet the sales specifications in effect at the time of shipment. In the event of a breach of this warranty, your exclusive remedy is limited to either a refund of the purchase price or the replacement of any product found not to conform to the warranted specifications.

Usage Instructions:

  1. It is recommended that consumers use a liquid injection molding machine for injecting the product into molds to manufacture components.
  2. The two components, A and B, must be thoroughly mixed by machine in a 1:1 weight or volume ratio. The vulcanization time is determined by the molding temperature. Higher temperatures result in shorter molding times. Thicker and larger silicone products may require longer molding times. After vulcanization, the mold can be disassembled.
  3. If the machine is not in use for an extended period (more than two days), it’s advisable to inject either component A or component B separately into the mixing section. Alternatively, remove the static mixer of the injection molding machine, seal it, and store it in a low-temperature environment (<1°C). Clean up any remaining rubber.

Packaging, Storage, and Cautions:

  1. This product series is available in 20 kg/plastic straight pails or 200 kg/metal drums with plastic liners.
  2. Ensure products are stored in sealed conditions, kept in a cool place, and protected from rain and sun exposure.
  3. This product series is non-hazardous and has a one-year shelf life. If the products exceed their storage life, they can be re-tested to determine if the curing speed remains acceptable for use.
  4. To prevent cure inhibition, avoid contact with tin compounds (most condensation silicones contain tin compound catalyst), amines, sulfur and phosphorus compounds, and some metal salts.
  5. In this series, component A contains a catalyst, and component B contains a crosslinking agent. When using products from different manufacturers, tests should be conducted to avoid crosslinking reactions.
Proportion 1:01 1:01 1:01 1:01 1:01 1:01
Appearance Transparent Transparent Transparent Transparent Transparent Transparent
Viscosity/ MPa.s 70×10 4 70×10 4 80×10 4 90×10 4 100×10 4 120×10 4
Hardness /Shore A 20 30 40 50 60 70
Tensile Strength/MPa ≧5.0 ≧7.5 ≧8.5 ≧8.5 ≧8.0 ≧8.0
Elongation/% ≧700 ≧700 ≧600 ≧500 ≧400 ≧300
Tear Strength/kN/m ≧10 ≧18 ≧25 ≧30 ≧30 ≧30
Specific Gravity/g/cm3 1.1 1.11 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.13
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