FOI HTV Silicone Rubber With High Tensile Strength

Product Details:

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name: Vinisili
  • Series Number: VNSL-HTVM-FOI
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Kilogram/Kilograms
  • Shipping Support: Sea shipment; Air shipment
  • Lead Time: Negotiable
    • For Quantities between 1 and 10,000 Kilograms, the lead time is negotiable.
    • For Quantities over 10,000 Kilograms, please contact us for lead time details.
  • Payment Options: This supplier accepts L/C (Letter of Credit) and T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) payments
  • Packaging: 20KG/Carton + Pallet

For additional details or to discuss specific lead times for orders exceeding 10,000 kilograms, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to providing high-quality products and flexible ordering options to meet your specific needs.


Product Name: HTV Silicone Rubber

Product Description
The HTV Silicone Rubber series is characterized by a Shore A hardness range of 30-80, offering excellent resilience, high transparency, good processability, and easy demolding. These qualities make these products ideally suited for a wide range of applications, including silicone buttons, regular o-rings, and waterproof gaskets.

Key Specifications
– Color: Translucent
– Application: Silicone keyboards, sealing washer gaskets, silicone O-rings, silicone cots, and more
– Appearance: Colorless Semitransparent Block
– Hardness Shore A: 30 – 80
– Features: High transparency, excellent processing properties, easy demolding, and outstanding resilience
– Shelf Life: 6 Months
– HS Code: 3910000000
– Viscosity: Favorable

Product Features
– Translucent
– Excellent processing properties
– Easy to demold
– Compliance with ROHS, REACH, and FDA requirements

Product Presentation
Our commitment to product quality and regulatory compliance is unwavering. The HTV Silicone Rubber strictly adheres to RoHS directive regulations, ensuring the absence of prohibited substances. Furthermore, we update relevant third-party certification reports, including RoHS, REACH, and FDA, annually.

Storage and Transportation
For secure handling and transportation, each product is packaged in 20kg cartons, lined with protective plastic film. It is essential to lay the product flat during transportation to prevent any potential damage from collision, heavy pressure, and moisture. Optimal storage conditions dictate a well-ventilated warehouse with a temperature not exceeding 35℃ and humidity levels below 65%. The recommended storage period under these conditions is 6 months from the date of production.

Liability Limitation
While we provide information in good faith and believe it to be accurate, it is essential to recognize that the conditions and methods of product usage are beyond our control. Therefore, this information should not serve as a substitute for conducting your own tests to ensure the product’s safety, efficacy, and suitability for its intended use. Our usage suggestions should not be misconstrued as inducements to infringe on any patents.

Vinisili’s sole warranty assures that our products will meet the sales specifications in effect at the time of shipment. In the event of a breach of this warranty, your exclusive remedy is limited to either a refund of the purchase price or the replacement of any product found not to conform to the warranted specifications.

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, Vinisili explicitly disclaims any other express or implied warranties, including fitness for a specific purpose or merchantability.

Vinisili also disclaims liability for any incidental or consequential damages. We prioritize the safety and performance of our products and aim to deliver the highest quality to our customers.

Appearance Translucent
 Williams Plasticity 110 135 165 195 220  235
 Density (g/cm3,25℃) 1.09 1.12 1.15 1.17 1.2 1.23
Linear shrinkage (%) 3.35 3.4 3.4 3.4 3.4 3.5
Hardness (Shore A) 30 40 50 60 70 80
Tensile strength (MPa) 7.5 8.5 8.6 8.5 8.5 7.6
Elongation (%) 800 650 450 380 250 180
Tear strength (kN/m) 16 18 19 20 21  19
Resilience (%) 65 65 66 62 55 52
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