Platinum Cured Silicone vs. Food Grade Silicone: Which is Safer for Your Kitchen?

The kind of material we put into our bodies is key in aiding any food prepared and kept somewhere. One may come across two kinds of silicones: platinum cured silicone and food grade silicone. Both of these products are widely used in different kitchen applications, but knowing their differences means making a decision as to which is the safest product to use in your kitchen.

What is Silicone?

Silicon, which is a man-made product, has become essential in contemporary kitchens. It is highly valued because it can withstand high temperatures and does not break easily. However, silicon-based kitchenware such as baking mats, spatulas and food storage containers have become quite popular due to their non-stick properties and strength.

Nonetheless, not all silicones are similar. There are two main types, namely platinum-cured silicone and food grade silicone, with unique qualities that make them suitable for different purposes.

Platinum Cured Silicone

Platinum cured silicone also known as platinum silicone is one of the best quality silicon variants. It is purified silicon having no impurity at all that is crosslinked using platinum as a catalyst. Platinum is used for the curing process so that there won’t be any toxic substances produced in the manufacturing.

Its purity of platinum cured silicone makes it a perfect option for use in many kitchens. This item has excellent thermal properties, which makes it perfect in baking, cooking and sometimes when you want to slow cook using sous-vide method. Additionally, the material does not react with anything in your food to poison it.

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Food Grade Silicone

Unlike food grade silicone, however, there are several kinds of food grade silicone product used for various purposes within the food industry. Food grade silicone is usually safe for food contact but varies depending on manufacturer’s quality. Food grade silicones though, in no way equal as some have been found on analysis to be adulterated with chemicals in conditions where they would leach into foods.

Many types of products that are commonly used in the kitchen such as bakeware, utensils, and food storage containers, are made using certified food grade silicone material, which can be safe for use based on certain conditions. It is known also for its flexibility, easy-to-clean quality, while the level of safety depends on a particular item. In selecting Silicone products for food use one needs to scrutinize the manufactures and ensure certification that affirms them as safe for food contact.

Safety Considerations

Regarding safety for kitchen use, platinum cured silicone is a better option. This material has a higher purity levels than many other materials available in the market and also has no traces of the potential catalyst residue making it more safe especially when used directly on food or at very high temperatures.

Although food grade silicone is typically safe, it might pose some risk especially during high temperature cooking or extended contact with certain foods. Since there is no guarantee about the purity of food grade silicone products, one needs to find only those silicones that do not contain any harmful contaminate or toxic additive.

Choosing the Right Silicone

In order to guarantee safety in the kitchen, and also high quality of cookware and food storage-containers, you must make a correct choice of silicon for your case. Platinum cured silicone is advised as the maximum risk for safe keeping of food items.

When purchasing silicone kitchen ware, always ensure to read out product labeling carefully and that products bear F.D.A, L.F.G.B compliant or other standard safety marks. The safety of food has been proved by these certificates since the products have undergone the tests.


In summary, although both platinum cured silicone and food grade silicone do have a role in the kitchen, platinum cured silicone is the safer option for direct food contact and high temperature usage. Not all foods grade silicone is bad though. Therefore, you need to check on your manufacturer and go for good quality foods grade silicone products that are made safely. It is paramount that you do not compromise on safety as this guarantees healthier of your family and the quality of food that you eat.

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